Auditions for “Daddy’s Dyin’, Who’s Got the Will”

Open Auditions for

 Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s Got the Will

 By Del Shores

Directed by Linda Zellner

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

April 14 and 15 at 7 PM at Brush Creek Playhouse

For more information contact Linda at 503-703-2826


SARA LEE TURNOVER, upper 30s. Town beautician. Single and lives at home. Strong-willed and has a wonderful sense of humor.

LURLENE TURNOVER ROGERS, early 40s. A preacher’s wife and elementary school teacher. Attractive, stylish, very Christian — but she has a bite.

EVALITA TURNOVER, mid 30s. Six-times married, loves to shock her family. She was a beauty-and still is from a distance. Has a worn look about her. A wounded soul.

HARMONY RHODES, mid 30s, Evalita’s latest fiance. A musician and vegetarian. Attractive, tan, off-beat, long curly hair. Looks like Jesus with earrings. Has a past.

ORVILLE TURNOVER, upper 30s. Fat, abusive, unhappy and mean. A redneck trash collector.

BUFORD “DADDY” TURNOVER, 67, the father. A stroke victim. Partially paralyzed on his left side, but can walk with a slight limp. Has occasional moments of coherency.

MARLENE TURNOVER, 36, Orville’s wife. Temporarily overweight. A constant victim of Orville’s abuse. However, losing sixty-two pounds can boost a girl’s confidence.

MAMA WHEELIS, 80, the Marlene’s mother. She’s feisty, speaks her mind, and rules the household.

Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple – the Female Version comes to Brush Creek’s stage April 11-27

Neil Simon’s 1980s reworking of his own classic play, The Odd Couple—the Female Version, provides will open at Brush Creek Playhouse beginning Friday, April 11 and run until Sunday, April 27, with three performances each weekend.

Norman Gouveia, Jr. directs the play, the third time the veteran director has put the show on during his decades long history with Brush Creek. Gouveia is excited by the cast he has assembled for this production, which he describes as a “wonderful mix” of talented newcomers and Brush Creek veterans. Gouveia notes that several of the cast are parents of young Brush Creek actors who appeared in the recent children & youth production of The True Tale of Sleeping Beauty.

“This play has been one of my favorites over the last 25 years,” Gouveia said, and he hopes to share that enjoyment with those who come to see the show.  “Neil Simon has had a golden touch with comedies. These six ladies and two men mine that gold throughout the play.”

The performances will be at 7 pm Fridays and Saturdays and at 2 pm Sundays. Tickets — $10 for adults and $8 for children, seniors and students with ID – will be available at Brush Creek’s two ticket locations: Books-N-Time on Water Street in downtown Silverton and Runaway Art & Craft Studio on Commercial Street in downtown Salem. They also can be purchased at the door 30 minutes before each performance. More information is also available by calling Michael Wood at 503-508-3682.

The playhouse is located at 11535 Silverton Road, the intersection of Silverton and Brush Creek Roads, between Silverton and Salem. In spite of the Silverton Road address, the parking lot is entered from Brush Creek Road. 


Thia Evans                               Sylvie

Sharon Jensen-Messman        Vera

Raenna O’Connor                   Renee

Kelly Lazar                               Florence

Kassandra Perkins                   Olive

Shannon Copeland                  Manolo

Tavis Evans                              Jesus

Gwen Bergenstock                  Mickey

“The Odd Couple (Female Version” to replace “Arsenic” on Brush Creek’s Schedule

What do you do when you have a whole lot of talented female actors show up for auditions when the script calls for 3 women and 11 men? Change the play, of course — Brush Creek has changed its plans, and instead of producing “Arsenic and Old Lace” we will be doing “The Odd Couple (Female Version)” as our April production. All the other details (performance dates, etc.) remain unchanged.

We look forward to seeing this cast take the stage — they provide a mix of Brush Creek veterans and newcomers to our stage, and they promise to provide a memorable and entertaining comedy production!

Brush Creek Players Announce the 2014 Season at Brush Creek Playhouse

Brush Creek Players are pleased to introduce our 2014 season, a variety of productions including classics of the theater, plays that proved themselves on Broadway and original works

The True Tale of Sleeping Beauty
Family fairy tale written by Michael Wood (2013)
Annual Children & Youth show directed by Linda Zellner
Show Dates: February 14-March 2

 Poetry at the Playhouse
Hosted by Northwest Poet Ariel
Poetry Reading Dates: April 4-5

The Odd Couple (Female Version)
Comedy written by Neil Simon (1985)
Directed by Norman Gouveia, Jr.
Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French
Show Dates: April 11-27

 Daddy’s Dyin’, Who’s Got the Will?
Comedy written by Del Shores (1987)
Directed by Verna Rutledge
Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French
Audition Dates: To Be Announced
Show Dates: June 6-27

Brush Creek’s Pilgrimage to Canterbury
Performing at the 2014 Canterbury Renaissance Faire, Silverton
Directed by Michael Wood
Faire Dates: July 19-27

 Prunella in the Springs
Annual Melodrama directed by Norman Gouveia, Jr.
Audition Dates: June 15-16
Show Dates: August 8-24

 Merchant of Venice
Romantic comedy written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Tavis Evans
Audition Dates: July 26-27
Show Dates: September 26-October 12

The Mystery of the Kitchen Table
Mystery written by Michael Wood and Emily Wood (2014)
Directed by Michael Wood
Audition Dates: August 20 - 22
Show Dates: November 7 - 23

Auditions for “Arsenic & Old Lace”

Open Auditions for “Arsenic and Old Lace,” directed by Norman Gouveia

Time and Date:
1 pm, Sunday, February 2
6:30 pm, Monday, February 3

Show Dates: April 11 thru 27th (Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays)

In the classic comedy, “Arsenic & Old Lace,” we meet the charming and innocent ladies who populate their cellar with the remains of socially and religiously “acceptable” roomers; the antics of their nephew who thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt; the activities of another nephew, who may look like a famous actor, AND the romantic hopes of yet another nephew, a reluctant drama critic.

Elderberry wine comes into play – be careful NOT to drink it………  Lots of fun at Brush Creek, with the show running weekends April 11th thru the  27th.  We need lots of men AND lots of women.

The time Traveler to open November 15, run two weekends.

Unfortunately, because of cast illnesses and other issues, Brush Creek is delaying the opening of The Time Traveler until Friday, November 15. We will run as scheduled the final two weekends, with performances at 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and at 2 pm on Sundays. We will are still very excited about this show — and we hope you will take the time to fit it into your schedule. You will be glad you did!

“The Time Traveler” opens November 8th

Brush Creek Players bring a tale of time travel, suspense and romance to the stage with the opening of The Time Traveler on Friday, November 8. The annual teen/young adult show offers a fresh look at a timeless topic that has invited the attention of creative spirits from H.G. Wells to the team behind the BBC’s Doctor Who.

“The show is a touch of science fiction, a dollop of history, and a good bit of romance. At its heart, it is a love story that crosses the ages,” said Michael Wood, who directs the show he and his daughter Emily wrote. “The time traveler is a very serious-minded Englishwoman from the early 20st century who becomes the first to travel through the pages of history – she is joined on her travels by an exuberant 21st century American. And then she falls in love.”

Wood is directing his third teen and young adult show at Brush Creek. “This one offers some special challenges,” he said. “The last two years we put on a show that required only a single set. But when you travel from ancient Rome to Elizabethan England to the American Civil War, to name a few, both the set and the costumes demand a bit of extra creativity.”

The cast includes several young veterans of the Brush Creek stage. “I know we’ll have a great show,” Wood said. “I have watched some of these young people deliver on our stage in the children’s show again and again. And they are definitely up for the challenge!”

The show will open November 8 and run three weekends to close on November 24, with evening performances at 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as 2 pm matinees on Sundays.

Tickets are $10 general admission, with discounted tickets available for students ($8) and children under 12 ($7) and seniors 60 and older ($7).  They can be purchased in advance at the following locations:

Books-N-Time                                                   Runaway Art & Craft Studio

210 N Water St. Suite B, Silverton 97381        311 Commercial Street NE, Salem 97301

(503) 874-4311                                                 (503) 881-6270

For further information, contact Michael Wood at 503-508-3682. You also can find “Brush Creek Playhouse” on Facebook.
Cast of The Time Traveler (in order of historical appearance)
at Brush Creek Playhouse, November 2013

Julia Caesaris Maria, played by Taylor Fisher

Aurelia Cotta, played by Lily Ark

Cleopatra VII Ptolemy, played by Taylor Fisher

Arsinoe (Cleopatra’s servant), played by Lily Ark

William Shakespeare, played by Matthew Biggs

Corporal Orville Gibbons, U.S. Cavalry, played by Teddy Biggs

Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer, U.S. Cavalry, played by Matthew Biggs

Edward Andrews, played by Matthew Biggs

Mrs. Foster (his landlady and housekeeper), played by Sarah Allanach

Katharine Andrews (his young daughter), played by Lily Ark

Katharine Andrews (as an adult), played by Emily Wood

Gerhardt Schmidt, played by Teddy Biggs

Peter Kinder, played by Sebastian Ward

Jessie Collins, played by Kate Allanach

Andy Collins, played by Taylor Fisher

Alex Christopher, played by Sarah Allanach

Annual Melodrama at Brush Creek Playhouse Opens Friday, September 27

The  School Marm’s Inn Trouble opens at Brush Creek Playhouse on Friday, September 27 for a three-weekend run.  This lighthearted melodrama, written by D. Chappelle, presents an opportunity  for cast and audience alike to boo the villain, cheer the hero, and root for  heroine Molly Dewdrop as she seeks to make her way in the  world.

The  melodrama is the prequel to Brush Creek’s 2012 offerings, but Brush Creek  veteran director Norman Gouveia, Jr. brings several new and surprising touches  to this year’s production.

The  show runs from September 27 through October 13, with evening shows at 7 pm on  Fridays and Saturdays and a 2 pm matinee on Sundays. The playhouse is located at  11535 Silverton Road (the intersection of Silverton and Brush Creek Roads,  between Salem and Silverton).

Brush  Creek tickets are $10 for general admission, $8 for students with ID, and $7 for  children under 12 and seniors 60 and over. Tickets can be purchased at the door  beginning 30 minutes before each production and are also available in advance at  Brush Creek’s two ticket outlets: Books-N-Time, in downtown Silverton at 210 N.  Water St. Suite B (503-874-4311), and Runaway Arts and Craft Studio, in downtown  Salem at 311 NE Commercial (503-881-6270). More information is also available by  contacting Michael Wood at 503-508-3682.

The  School Marm is  Brush Creek’s second-to-last show of the 2013 season, with the annual teen/young  adult show, The Time Traveler, set to  run in November.

Teen/Young Adult auditions for “The Time Traveler” Sept 22 & 24

We have open auditions for this year’s teen/young adult show coming on Sunday, September 22 and Tuesday, September 24. The Sunday auditions for “The Time Traveler” by Michael Wood and Emily Wood will be at the theater (Silverton and Brush Creek Roads) at 6 pm. The Tuesday auditions will be at Runaway Art and Craft Studio in downtown Salem (311 Commercial St NE) at 6 pm. We will be using cold readi…ngs.

The play is a bit science fiction, a bit mystery, and a bit of an old-fashioned heartrending romance. It should be great fun, and we encourage all those interested between the ages of 13 and their mid-20s to come give it a try. The production will begin rehearsing the following week, with performances in November. Please pass the information on to anyone who might be interested!

For more information, you can contact Director Michael Wood at or 503-508-3682