Cast for A Dark and Stormy Night

Announcing the cast list for A Dark and Stormy Night!

Here is a sneak peek at the next cast. Get ready for another great teen and young adult play!

Cast List – “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”

Character Cast X Cast Y
Sheldon Sheffield, the butler Tavis Evans Timothy Ward
Dr. Eric McGillicuddy (“Dr. Mack”), a physics professor Sebastian Ward Sebastian Ward
Phoebe McGillicuddy, Dr. Mack’s 18-year-old daughter Emily Jaffe Gillian Montville
Dr. Felicia Park, a psychologist Sarah Allanach Taylor Fisher
Camille Jefferson, a bookseller Kate Allanach Kate Allanach
Jack Kramer, a retired police detective Matthew Biggs Devin Shill
Deputy Kelly Murphy Tavis Evans Timothy Ward
Deputy Dana Torres Emily Wood Emily Wood

Written by a local playwright from Corvallis, Bob Greenwade. Thank you for letting us showcase a new murder mystery.

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