Melodrama Auditions – Schoolmarm’s Inn Danger

BRUSH CREEK PLAYERS will be holding open auditions for the annual Melodrama, Schoolmarm’s Inn Danger, directed by Norman Gouveia. 

Sunday July 7th at 1PM and Monday July 8th at 6:30 PM

Production runs August 9 – 25

Into the small western town of Frittergulch comes gentle, young schoolmarm Molly Dewdrop. She finds herself at the Frittergulch Inn, owned and operated by lovable Betty Baxter and Betty’s brother, handsome hero Biff. All is idyllic until Molly wins the British Isles Sweepstakes. With the money, she intends to build the finest school the prairie has ever seen. She fears the sudden fortune will force her dark secret into the light. Enter, from the darkest corner of Molly’s past, the villainous Blacky LaRoach.   Will Blacky ruin Molly’s chance for happiness with Biff? Or will he destroy the dreams of the people of Frittergulch, who only desire to have the finest school in the territory? Or will Biff be able to stop him before it’s too late? Because the “School Marm’s Inn Trouble”!!!  

The cast calls for 2 women & 3 men.  Ages – women, between late teens & middle 40’s (or so), men, the same.

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