Further Auditions for Melodrama “Prunella” — June 28 and 29

Brush Creek is casting our annual melodrama — further auditions for “Prunella of the Springs” will be held at the theater on Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29. Auditions begin both days at 1 pm.

Rehearsals begin will begin Monday, July 14 and the show will open on Friday August 8 and run for three weekends (with performances Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons).

This is an original melodrama, written by Shannon Copeland and & Janet Carter. Director Norman Gouveia gives us the following “lowdown” on the show:

“Eeeevvvelll Slick Slimeball wants to get his hands on the mineral springs that belongs to Mrs Purity Goodheart & her lovely, innocent daughter, Prunella. He has a plan to turn Hubbard into the Mecca of the Mid-Willamette Valley. He has a dupe, Poindexter & a secret wife in Scarlet Bareall, the proprietress of the Marquam Saloon & Gamboling House. Helping Prunella is our hero, Chester A. Bighunk, who is loyal and kind and good. Will Slick’s plan fail? Will he get the Springs? Only the piano player, Willamette Willy, who has a secret past, knows—–or DOES he????”

Come join the fun!


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