“Bench” Completes Its Run — “Accidentally Yours” Up Next!

Following the success of “A Bench in the Sun” and “The Search for the Fairy Princess,” Brush Creek’s 2015 season is off to a wonderful start. Mark you calendars for the June 5 opening of our next marvelous comedy, the 1947 farce “Accidentally Yours” by Pauline Williams Snapp.

Director Michael Wood and the cast promise a wonderful family comedy, full of confusion, laughter and memorable characters. Wood describes the play as “set in a more innocent place and time that probably never really existed, but can still provide us a fun place to visit.”

Join small-town college professor Spencer Mosby and his wife, Gladys, who is convinced that Spencer is the next great American author — and Spencer would never want to disappoint Gladys! Enjoy the successful but tongue-tied author Lawrence Conwell as he “pursues” Spencer’s niece Vivienne. And along the way you can meet (among others) Spencer’s secretary, the proper Miss Featherby, the Mosbys’ “help,” Olive, a somewhat befuddled psychiatrist named Dr. Field, and the redoubtable Mrs. Estercrazy — oops, that’s Esterhazy.

And, of course, there is the beautiful Jeanie. Or is that “Genie”?

The play runs for three weekends beginning June 5 and closing June 21 — performances are at 7 pm Fridays and Saturdays and at 2 pm on Sundays. You can find more weekend fun for $10 anywhere!

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