Get in on Brush Creek’s 2015 Summer Melodrama!

Auditions! Auditions! Auditions!

You still have a chance to play the heroine . . . or the hero . . . or the villain . . . .or any of an assortment of intriguing characters in Brush Creek’s 2015 Summer Melodrama.

At 6 pm on Sunday the 14th and Monday the 15th, we will be holding further auditions to complete casting “Love in the Cucumber Patch or The Pickled Road to Romance” by Janet Carter (with additional dialogue by Shannon Copeland and Sonya Heard). This light-hearted melodrama will be produced for three weekends beginning Friday, July 17. It is a wonderful opportunity for actors (or would-be actors) of all experience levels!

2 thoughts on “Get in on Brush Creek’s 2015 Summer Melodrama!

    • With 12 performances scheduled we aren’t really able to add others very easily. However, we welcome special needs folks to any performance, depending on mobility issues (although we have a ramp into the theater the bathroom is not at all accessible — in my daughter’s case we benefit from the fact that she is wearing pads anyway because she’s not entirely reliable about toileting).

      We do not reduce our prices for matinees (our matinees are actually better attended for the kids show). But our prices are pretty low — and we can offer a discount for groups if that’s what you have in mind.

      Give me a call if you want to discuss further.

      Michael Wood
      Brush Creek Players

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