Melodrama Auditions June 5 and June 6!

Open Auditions June 5 at 5 pm and June 6 at 6 pm.

Brush Creek is conducting open auditions for our summer melodrama, “Love in the Cucumber Patch.”

We seek a villain, a dupe, a hero, a “mystery” man, a mother, a heroine, a “special” friend to the villain, and a mom to the dupe. 

Our villain, F Farthingay Foulweather, is trying to take over the land of Purity Hawthorne & her mother. Hercules Strong, our hero, is trying his best to stop FFF. Will he succeed, will he fall to Scarlet Harlet’s charms? Will Jonah, the mystery man, reveal himself? 

Oh my, oh my…….all will be resolved beginning July 29 start date…………….. and running through August 14, with performances Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

No audition preparation is required. This is a great for beginners and experienced actors, including teens through “mature” adults. The Brush Creek melodrama is great summer fun!

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