Brush Creek announces final cast for “Christmas at the Blizzard” — Tickets go on sale Wednesday, November 8!

Director Michael Wood is pleased to announce the final cast for Christmas at the Blizzard: A Murder Mystery. “I am very pleased with this cast of newcomers, both to Brush Creek and the stage, as well as experienced actors from here and elsewhere. Rehearsals are well under way — the cast is having a great time, and I guarantee that you will too if you come to this show!”

This parlor mystery in the style of Agatha Christie was written by Emily Wood and Michael Wood and will open Friday, December 1 for a 3-weekend run. Performances are at 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, with a 2 pm matinee on each Sunday.

Tickets go on sale at Books-N-Time in downtown Silverton and at Runaway Art & Craft Studio in downtown Salem on Wednesday, November 8. Tickets are $10, with discounts available for seniors, students and children. More on our ticket sales can be found at

The cast and characters are as follows:

TAVIS EVANS plays Lawrence MacGlaf: The handyman at the Blizzard Bed & Breakfast, “MacGlaf” has been in residence only a short while — and has a mysterious past.

EMILY WOOD plays Victoria Anderson: Margret Clay’s daughter, “Victoria” works with her mother at the Blizzard and is an avid fan of mystery novels.

MELISSA RICHARDS plays Margret Clay: Victoria Anderson’s mother, “Margret” is the owner of the Blizzard. But she has a secret she doesn’t want to share.

KARYL CARLSON plays Agatha Fair: Margret Clay’s mother, “Agatha” shares granddaughter Victoria’s love of a good mystery. But is she hiding one of her own?

RAENNA O’CONNOR plays Mary Rogers: An editor for a publishing house, “Mrs. Rogers” is a guest at the Blizzard who soon learns that not all surprises are appreciated.

NORMAN GOUVEIA plays Bruce Rogers: An author who has come to the Blizzard with his wife, “Rogers” doesn’t even own a sweater. But he has a secret.

MICHAEL WOOD plays Dr. Steven Armour: A doctor of podiatry and a guest at the Blizzard, “Armour” is hard for the others to get to know — and to like.

THIA EVANS plays Henrietta Frederickson: An unexpected visitor at the Blizzard, “Frederickson” arrives explaining that her car is in a ditch down the road.

RON DRAKE plays William Clay: Another newcomer to the Blizzard household with a mysterious past, “William” recently married Margret Clay after a whirlwind romance.

ALAINA LESKO plays Shelagh Trott: A police officer (“Detective, please!”) hunting a man suspected of killing his wife, is “Trott” really who she seems to be?

TOM BUCHHEIT plays Morgan Fellowes: An “Englishman” who arrives unexpectedly following a skiing accident, is “Morgan” really just a good-natured adventurer with nothing to hide?

LINDA ZELLNER plays Jordan Burns: An athletic “Englishwoman,” good-natured “Jordan” is disappointed to have her skiing adventure cut short. Or is she?

RICK RICKARD plays Robert Owens: Almost the last to arrive and definitely the first to leave, “Owens” is an author who can be counted on to provide the life of the party. But not this Christmas.

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