Auditions for Children’s Production fo Jack and The Beanstalk

The Brush Creek Players Will be holding auditions for their Annual Children’s Production of Jack and The Beanstalk, an original play written by Michael Wood.


Brush Creek Playhouse

11535 Silverton Road NE

Silverton OR 97380



Saturday December 8th at 10 am to 12 pm and

Sunday December 9th at 3 to 5 pm

Auditions will be cold readings from the script.  Ages 5 thru 17 are encouraged to come. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience. For further information contact Linda Zellner at 503-703-2826 or email


Story Synopsis:  In “Jack and the Beanstalk,” we learn the real story behind Jack’s adventures in and around the giant’s kingdom. Brush Creek’s production has all the standard elements of the classic tale — magic beans, an incredible beanstalk, a magic harp and even a goose or two. But the real story comes with an unexpected twist or three. You only think you know the real story!

Cast for A Dark and Stormy Night

Announcing the cast list for A Dark and Stormy Night!

Here is a sneak peek at the next cast. Get ready for another great teen and young adult play!

Cast List – “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”

Character Cast X Cast Y
Sheldon Sheffield, the butler Tavis Evans Timothy Ward
Dr. Eric McGillicuddy (“Dr. Mack”), a physics professor Sebastian Ward Sebastian Ward
Phoebe McGillicuddy, Dr. Mack’s 18-year-old daughter Emily Jaffe Gillian Montville
Dr. Felicia Park, a psychologist Sarah Allanach Taylor Fisher
Camille Jefferson, a bookseller Kate Allanach Kate Allanach
Jack Kramer, a retired police detective Matthew Biggs Devin Shill
Deputy Kelly Murphy Tavis Evans Timothy Ward
Deputy Dana Torres Emily Wood Emily Wood

Written by a local playwright from Corvallis, Bob Greenwade. Thank you for letting us showcase a new murder mystery.

Casting Call for “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” 2012 Teen/Young Adult Show

After successfully staging a teen/young adult mystery last fall, Brush Creek Players are pleased to stage another mystery, “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night,” by Bob Greenwade.  Open auditions for actors aged 13 to mid-20s will be held on Saturday, September 22 at 1 pm and Tuesday, September 25 at 6 pm.  Call-backs will be scheduled as necessary. 

“Bob Greenwade has written a play with several twists and turns – and a good dose of plain old fun,” said Michael Wood, who will be directing again this year.  “It’s a mystery in the classic style, with a group of strangers gathering together in a mysterious old country home – and it is indeed a dark and stormy night.”

The auditions, which will use cold readings from the script, will be held at Brush Creek Playhouse, located at 11535 Silverton Road between Salem and Silverton (the intersection of Silverton and Brush Creek roads).  The show requires 3 to 5 males and 3 to 5 females – if sufficient actors are available, the director hopes to run two complete casts, providing some flexibility in the performance schedule.

The show will open November 2 and run through November 18, with either three or four performances each weekend, depending upon the number of casts.

For further information, contact Michael Wood at 503-508-3682. You also can find “Brush Creek Playhouse” on Facebook or at


August 3 – 19, 2012
7 PM evening shows on Fridays and Saturdays
2 PM matinees on Sundays

At long last, after many trials and tribulations, the wedding of the lovely Critter Gulch Schoolmarm, Molly Dewdrop, to her handsome fiancé, Biff Baxter, is about to take place. In order to make things run smoothly, they have hired world-famous wedding planner Calliope Hitchum. But their arch-enemy, Blacky LaRoach, will stop at nothing to stop the wedding and ruin their plans.

Sheriff Wilbur Hewitt has plans of his own to stop Blacky in his tracks, and Biff’s sister Badlands Brenda Baxter is on the scene to provide her own unique brand of help. Then there’s Savannah Dixie, who has designs of her own.

Will Blacky and Savannah succeed in their evil schemes?

Can Molly and Biff get hitched without a hitch?

And just who is Tilla De Hon?


Molly Dewdrop/Savannah Dixie                  Emily Wood

Biff Baxter/Lefty LaRoach                           Alexander Asher

Calliope Hitchum La-Roach                        Thia Evans      

Sheriff Wilbur Hewitt/Hyram Slugabed       Richard Stimson

Tilla De Hon/Prison Warden                        Christine Stimson

Badlands Brenda Baxter                             Linda Gardner

Blacky LaRoach/Pastor Paolo Patata:       Tavis Evans                                         

Like all our productions, this show was possible only through the efforts of many volunteers and supporters.

Brush Creek wishes to thank the following:

Director:                                              Norman Gouveia

Assistant Director:                               Tavis Evans

Stage Manager:                                  Beth Husseini

Lights & Sound:                                   Michael Wood

Set:                                                      Judith O’Callaghan and Shannon Copeland

Costumes:                                           Karyl Carlson

Posters:                                               Linda Zellner

Signs:                                                  Christy Wood

Programs:                                           Michael Wood


Brush Creek Playhouse is located at 11535 Silverton Road, Silverton OR 97381 Ticket Adults $10, Students $8,  Seniors & Children (12 & under) $7 Doors open 1/2 hour prior to show time.  Tickets available at the door. For more information contact or 503-508-3682

Tickets also available at the following locations:

Item Nine Opportunity Shoppe New, Used & Vintage clothing
208 E Main St, Silverton 503-873-7362
Stampin’ Cat Studio Quality An Artist’s Rubber Stamp Store
2677 Commercial St Se, Salem 503-390-2553 or